Team Members
C B Rex Class XII
Steve Thomas Class X
  • Kairali Team secured the 1st Runners-up (2nd Position) and won the Blitzkrieg - 10 cup at the Quiz contest held at CMPDI on 19-07-10.

Team Members
C B Rex Class XII Cash Prize of Rs. 1500/-
Tanmoy Sinha Class XI
Steve Thomas Class X
  • Kairali School Team won the Zonal Championship in the Quiz competition held at Delhi Public School, Ranchi on 31-07-10, which was organized by Janasankhya Sthiratha Kosh in partnership with DPS Society, Ranchi. The Zonal Champions will go for the National Level competition.

Team Members
Rachna Raj Class XII Cash Prize of Rs. 2500/-
Akash Deep Class IX
Anurag Ghosh Class XI
  • Sana Salika and Md. Asif Ashan won the Sadaf Award, instituted by Human Welfare Society, Ranchi for their outstanding performance in class X and Class XII Board Exams 2010.

  • Ahmad Ammin Sufi of class III A represented Jharkhand state in the 10th All India UCMAS Abacus - Mental Arithmetic Competition held at Chennai on 18-07-2010, and was felicitated for being among the 100 Maths wizards from a selected group of 16,000 students from different states of India, his rank being 90.

  • Hero Honda, Inter School Athletic Meet held at HEC Stadium on 30-07-10.
    Our students won the following position :   

100m Race Nilesh Class X 2nd Position
100m Race Gaurav Sinha Class IX 4th Position
800m Race Vaibhav Class X 4th Position
Long Jump Anand Class VIII 4th Position
4 x 100m Relay

5th Position


400m Race

Nidhi Sahay Class X 4th Position
800m Race Darshana Deep Class X 4th Position
Long Jump Shivani Class IX 4th Position


Master Soumitra Thakur, won the great and prestigious Award known as "Bal Shree Honor" at National Level in Creative Performance (Sitar Vadan)

Saumitra Thakur, of Std X, of Kairali School has been selected to be conferred the National Bal Bhavanís Bal Shree Award 2009, which is to be awarded to him by the President of India, soon.
Bal Shree Award is considered to be ď Junior PadmashreeĒ for the age group of 9-12 years and 13-16 years for excellence in creativity in the following categories.

1. Creative Performances
2. Creative Arts
3. Creative Scientific Innovation
4. Creative Writing

Soumitra has been selected among the fourteen others from all over India in his stream of Creative Performance, i.e . Sitar, and the only one out two from east zone and the sole representative of Jharkhand State

  • Tanushree's Greeting Cards adapted and printed under the auspices of JSCCW

You will be happy to know that a painting of Tanushree from your school has been adapted for Greeting cards printed under the auspices of Jharkhand State Council Welfare (JSCCW).

I am enclosing 2 complementary packets of greeting cards & table calendar (1 for you and 1 for the students whose painting is depicted on it) as a token of appreciation on behalf of JSCCW. in case you require additional cards/ table calendar you may have the same collected from Shri Ehsan Ali, Governor's Secretariat, Soochna Bhavan, Ranchi, (Tel. No. 94315-92885) on payment at the following rates:-

Greeting cards per packets
(i.e. set of 10 cards + envelopes)
Rs. 200/-
Table Calendar per piece Rs. 100/-

Yours faithfully
Sudhir Tripathi
Principal Secretary to the Governor-cum-
Hony. Secretary of JSCCW


  • Mohan Memorial Badminton Tournament (State Selection Tournament) held at Jamshedpur : 02.09.2009 to 06.09.2009 Naureen Hera of Kairali School won
Under 13 Singles Championship Rs. 5000/- Cash Prize.
Under 16 Doubles Championship Rs.4000/- Cash Prize.
Under 16 singles Semi Finalist.
  • CBSE East Zone Badminton Tournament held at DAV Model School, Durgapur from 12th to 15th October 2009.

Kairali Teams Won
Under 19 Girls Champions
Players Class
Sana Salika  X
Naureen Hera VIII
Under 14 Girls : 3rd Position
Players Class
Priyanka Kumari   VII
Jahanvi Anand       VI
  • Player of the tournament: Naureen Hera was declared as the player of the tournament based on her excellent performance.

  • Shaista Sultana AISSE 2008 by securing 97.6% in Class Xth Board Exam, was declared as the Topper of Jharkhand State.

  • Sushmita Kshetry of Class XI-B, was adjudged as the Best Debater in the State Level Debate Competition conducted by Institute of Charted Accountants of India, Ranchi Chapter.

  • Ashutosh Kumar & Soumita Thakur of Class IX won the Kishlay Excellent Award that carries a cash award of Rs.2400/- per annual.

  • Soumitra Thakur of Class IX also won a cash award of Rs.3400/- as Cultural Talent Scholarship (in Sitar) from Centre for Cultural Research & Training Department under Department of Culture, Union Government of India.

  • The Sibling Sisters - Sana Salika and Nauren Heera won the following tittles in Shuttle Badminton Girls.

    • Team Championship for Kairali School in the CBSE East Zone under 16 category held at Sitamarhi, U P.

    • CBSE National level under 16 championship held at Nagpur (10-14 Dec, 2008) won the runner-up trophy in team event as well as in individual event.

    • Both Singles and Doubles championship in the Mohan Memorial Shuttle Badminton Tournament held at Jamshedpur (Both these children are selected to the Jharkhand State Team).

  • Ahmed Zaki of Class IX - adjudged as the Best Bowler under 16 in the state selection championship.
  • Yash Raj, Class IV won the 3rd position in the 12th All India Inter Club Yoga Championship 2008.
  • 11th Science Olympiad
    The following students have been qualified to appear for the 2nd round of All India 11th Science Olympiad 2009.
Pratimesh Singh IV
Shobik Chandra V
Aribhav Anand VI
Saurav Prakash VII
Pranay Pratyush VIII
Ankisha IX
Rohit Ranjan X
Moren Aind XI
C V Romy XI
Aditya Bhardwaj XII
  • 10th National Science Olympiad 2008 cash prize winners
Akash Raj X-A Rs.500/-
C B Romy XI Rs.250/-
Akshay Taida XI Rs.250/-
Rohit IX Rs.250/-
Shubham Saket VIII Rs.250/-
Pranay Prathush VII Rs.250/-
Anubhav Anand V Rs.250/-
Soubik Chandra IV Rs.250/-
  • The following students of 2008-2009 batch were awarded Merit Certificate by CBSE based on their top position in All India Level in CBSE 2008 (among 0.01% toppers of CBSE).
Abhishek Kumar Singh Maths 100
Shubankar Mandal Maths 100
Rishav Srivastav Maths 100
Shaista Sultana Social Science 100
Abhishek Kumar Singh Social Science 99
Anirban Bhattacharya Social Science 99
Adil Khan Physical Education 99
  • Toppers of KG to IX & XI - Session 2007-08
Citation and Prizes from Malayalee Association (Class Toppers)
Name of the Student Fatherís Name Class Percentage%
Lal Mayank Nath Shahdeo Mr. Lal Ashok Nath Shahdeo KG-A 99.7%
Rochak Thapa Mr. Rajesh Thappa KG- A 99.7%
Mani Karan Mr. Dilip Sen Prep-A 100%
Alisha Sharan Kujur Mr. Ruth Sosan Kujur Prep-A 100%
Srijoni Barat Mr. Shantanu Kumar Barat Prep-A 100%
Sagarika Mr. Satya Brata Das Prep-C 100%
Aditi Atulya Mr. Amrendra Kr Srivastava Prep-C 100%
Sayantani Sengupta Mr. Utpal Ranjan Sengupta I -A 99.12%
Sumit Ranjan Mr. Arvind Singh II-B 98.83%
Pranav Ranjan Mr. Yogendra Sharma III 97.9%
Shalvi Sinha Mr. A. K. Sinha IV A 97.93%
Sounita Mukherjee Mr. Soumik Mukherjee V C 98.1%
Shashanka Shekhar Mr. Shashi Shekhar VI A 96.4%
Chinmay Mr. K N Tiwary VII A 97.14%
Apratim Sinha Mr. Atul Pratap VIII C 91.29%
Manisha Sharma Mr. Ramanuj Sharma IX B 92.2%
C B Romy [Sci. Stream] Mr. C. V. Baby XI B 82.1%
Hansa (Com. Stream) Mr. Binod Prasad Karan XI C 72.4%
Mini Nair Memorial Award (Topper of Std. IV)
Shalvi Sinha
D/o Mr. A. K. Sinha

Fee concession
Instituted by Mr. N M P Nair  in the year 1982-83


C P Narayana Pillai & N G Devaki Amma Memorial Award (Topper in Eng. Std. IV)
Mona Richa
D/o Mr. Rajendra Choudhary

Cash award of Rs.101/-
Instituted by Mr. K N Mohana Kumar in the year 1993-94

Kamathís Best Student Award (Topper in Std. V)
Sounita Mukherjee
D/o Mr. Soumik Mukherjee

Cash Award of Rs.150/-
Instituted by Ms. Shanta Kamath in the year 1988-89


A Gowri Amma Memorial Award (Topper in Std. VI)
Shashank Shekhar
S/o Mr. Shashi Shekhar Prasad

Cash Award of Rs.101/-
Instituted by Mrs. Radhamoni J Kurup in the year 1994-95

Konniyoor Gopi Award (Topper of Std. VII)
S/o Mr. K. N. Tiwary

Cash award of Rs.101/-
Instituted by Mr G N Pillai in the year

G G Kurup and Ramani G Kurup Memorial Award (Topper of Std. VIII)

Apratim Sinha
S/o Mr. Atul Pratap

Cash Award of Rs.300/-
Instituted by the Children of Late Mr. G G Kurup

Chittilangattu Sankaran Nair Memorial Award (Topper of Std. IX)

Manisha Sharma
D/o Mr. Ramanuj Sharma

Cash Award of Rs.101/-
Instituted by Late Mr. C S Chandran in the year 1992-93

Punnacharil Lakshmikutty Amma Memorial Award (Topper of Std. IX)

Manisha Sharma
D/o Mr. Ramanuj Sharma

Cash Award of Rs.350/-
Instituted by Mr. C G G Pillai in the year

P K Sankaran Memorial Award (Topper AISSE)

Shaista Sultana
D/o Mr. Enamullah

Cash Award of Rs.301/-
Instituted by Late Mr. K S Das in the year 1987-88

Vijayan Award (Topper AISSE)

Shaista Sultana
D/o Mr. Enamullah

Cash Award of Rs. 101/-
Instituted by Mr. M Vijayan in the year 1991-92

M P Narayana Menon Memorial Award ( Topper AISSE)

Shaista Sultana
D/o Mr. Enamullah

Cash Award of Rs.100/-
Instituted by Late Mr Naini Sharan

Malayalee Association Proficiency Shield (Topper AISSE)

Shaista Sultana
D/o Mr. Enamullah


Krishna Kumar Nair Memorial Running Trophy (Topper in Maths & Science-AISSE)

Shaista Sultana
D/o Mr. Enamullah

Instituted by Mr. Saji Nair

K R Divakaran Memorial Award (Aggregate topper in Eng., Maths&Science AISSE)

Shaista Sultana
D/o Mr. Enamullah

Cash Award of Rs.350/-
Instituted by Ms. Santhamma Divakaran
in the year 2001

K R Divakaran Memorial Award (Best All Rounder of AISSE Batch)

Anirban Bhattacharya
S/o Mr. R N Bhattacharya

Cash Award of Rs.350/-
Instituted by Mr. Rajesh Kumar M &
 Mr. Suresh Kumar M

Padmini Music Award ( Best Singer of the year)

Tanmay Kumar
S/o Mr. Dashrath Baraik

Cash Award of Rs.101/-
Instituted by Mr. M S G Iyer

M S G Essay Award (Best Essay Writer of the Current Academic Year)

C. B. Romy
S/o Mr. C V Baby

Cash Award of Rs.101/-
Instituted by Mr.  M S G Iyer

English Toppers Award (Topper in English in AISSE)

Shweta Bharti
D/o Mr Birendra Kumar Gupta

Cash Award of Rs.151/-
Instituted by Ms. M Chugh

Maths Toppers Prize (Topper in Maths AISSE)

Abhishek Kumar Singh - 100%
S/o Mr. Dilip Kumar Singh

Shubahnkar Mondal - 100%
S/o Mr. Rabi Shankar Monda

Rishav Shrivastava -  100%
S/o Mr. Raj Kumar Prasad

Cash Award of Rs.51/-
Instituted by Mr Alok Kumar Deb

Best Artistsí Award/Shield

Ashutosh Kumar
S/o Mr. Ramashray Paswan

Instituted by Mr Tapan Kumar Das

Sanskrit Topperís Prize (Topper in Sanskrit) (AISSE 2008)

Kriti Suman
S/o Mr. Santosh Kumar Verma

Cash Award of Rs.101/-
Instituted by Ms. Anita Bhardwaj

English Topperís Award (Topper in AISSCE 2008)

R Rajit
S/o Mr. K. R. Panicker

Cash Award of Rs.201/-
Instituted by Ms Mitali Palit

Hindi Toppers Prize (Topper in Hindi AISSE)

Kewal Kishore  -  96%
S/o Mr. Subodh Chandra Shukla

Cash Award of Rs.101/-
Instituted by Ms. Vidyawati Prasad

AISSCE - Subject Wise Toppers Year : 2007-08
Subject Studentís Name Fatherís Name Percentage%
English R Rajit Mr. K R Panicker 94%
Maths Sheel Saket Mr. Santosh Kumar Singh 97%
Physics Sneh Kanta Dr. H R Singh 88%
Chemistry Sneh Kanta Dr. H R Singh 95%
Biology Sneh Kanta Dr. H R Singh 96%
Ninju M Joshua Mr. Joshua M J 96%
Economic Kishan Kumar Singh Mr. Bishnu Dayal Singh 81%
Nidhi Jha Late Mr. Umesh Kant Jha
Ms. Samtola Jha
Computer Science Alok Kumar Mr. Mahendra Malakar 87%
Informatics Practice Sneh Kanta Dr H R Singh 77%
Vibha Rani Mr. Panna Lal Ram 77%
Business Studies Gunjan Dutt Mr. Paresh Dutt Dwary 91%
Accounts Rahul Kumar Mr. Pyarelal 95%
Physical Education Adil Khan Mr. Nasim Ahmad Khan 99%
Malayalee Association Proficiency Shield
Name of the Student Fatherís Name Rankers Percentage%
Shaista Sultana Mr. Enamullah Topper AISSE 2008 97.60%
Sneh Kanta Dr. H R Singh

Topper AISSCE 2008 (Science Stream)

Jeslet Ann Joseph Mr. George Joseph

Topper AISSCE 2008
Commerce Stream)

Somi Mr. Vijay Kr Sinha

2nd Topper AISSCE 2008
(Science Stream)

Remya Meryn Rajan Mr. Rajan Varghese

2nd Topper AISSCE 2008
(Commerce Stream)

Sports Star of the Year Award

Sana Salika & Naureen Heera
D/o Mr Shakil Ahmad

Trophy, Citation and Cash Award
Instituted by SMC


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